Pathetic and Pointless | John Maurer

The universe was the first Rube Goldberg machine
The first overly complicated boondoggle of a way to get nothing at all done
What would be the purpose of having a purpose if you did have one?
Would you still think it's comforting once you realized you couldn't fulfill your fate?

I'm not depressed, I'm fundamentally unhappy, and there's a difference
I'm not incapable of appreciation; I just can see that there isn't a thing to appreciate
Even god committed suicide, my parents sent me to a school to teach me only that
You aren't bad at math, it just doesn't add up; don't blame the equation, it's the variables

In order for the universe to love you, it had to hate all of your ancestors
Not to say they were much better than you, but they probably were
They may have eaten dirt, but at least they did it honestly
While you eat off of the tasting menu and still have bulimia while almost everyone starves

©2021 John Maurer
All rights reserved


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