Pinwheel Invitation Flickers | Betty Naegle

Pinwheel Down

my thoughts pinwheel
in a tinted blur
whirring, churning,
some spin out
at least short-term
most continue to blend, chop,
take a deep breath, omm . . .

the discontent
sneaks in
dust devils of worry – 
breathe, one one-hundred, two one-hundred . . .

the pinwheeling bits
jig and jumble
what are thoughts anyway?
electro-chemical reactions – 
focus, be in the moment 

the hurricane building  
in my head
to a tropical storm – 
inhale, close your eyes
I strain to imagine 
the vice grip of tension
easing . . . 
clenched teeth slacken,
fists uncurl –
breathe, sigh, surrender     

thoughts retreat
I lie on my back 
“corpse pose”

Miroslava Panayotava
Digital on painting


extraordinary moments
stream into our day
like light beams
through a cloud

opportunities swallowed 
into the flurry
of daily routine – 

the smile of a stranger
on a morning walk, ignored,
thoughts cluttered with tasks of the day

the warbling of a purple finch
upon the feeder, drowned out 
by the din of television news

the fragrance of roses and freesia
perfuming the garden, missed
by endless emails and texts . . . 

a tiny maple leaf stuck 
to the window
by a sun shower – 
if noticed,
it looked like a baby’s footprint,
signing into the world

with each day
flickers of light whisper 
invitations to engage
to see, to smell, to hear
the music of the world around us
to capture the light,
savor the moment
Ann Privateer
Unnamed 5


A low angled sun sends 
light flickers through my window, 
as cedar branches dance in the wind.

Shifting patterns
of light and dark
skip upon the floor.

I avoid the shadows – 
focus only on the light
as I tiptoe through my reminiscences.

I do not want to wake the hurt, 
the anger, the grief. . .
only joyful memories will sustain me
as the holidays near.
Miroslava Panayotava
abstract composition

©2021 Betty Naegle
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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