IMG_7644[…] it’s your turn, stone.
your turn to carve lust in my breathing
and to bring out the shades of dust
from my anaglyphic soulprint.
i need to mirror myself in your random shape,
my scent in your silence, my moans
in the volume of air dislocated
by your falling
white and determined
through the unseen crevices of
wind’s cracked crying
right into the passionate embrace of
a bloody dawn, red as a holy wound –
you don’t fall, but i do,
letting the air brutally brush
the feathers from my wings,
scratching carelessly my face while earth closes
faster and faster –
i fall,
in one fluid movement,
fluid and perfectly articulated,
rushing towards the grounds expecting me,
expecting my burning skin and bones
to sew the sky with the waters beneath them
and to watch you being born –
i fall and you grow,
rooting your solidity in my sands,
turning from one grain to one mountain,
feeding on my imperfect nature,
you, the perfect catalyst towards origins […]

© 2015, poem, Liliana Negoi, All rights reserved; originally published in The Hidden Well, audio version can be heard in the author’s interpretation on Soundcloud; 2014, photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

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