Rebirth Stage | Elisha Alladina

Rebirth of my Soul

Rebirth of my soul
Through stories untold
My past life experiences
And current life adventure

A part of me died
Many months I’ve cried
But I was born again
Through feeling the pain

I sipped the darkness
Disobeyed His highness
Grew wings from this flight
And decided to fight

A battle with insecurities
My depression will cease
Will use my sword to heal
And change how I deal

Stage Makeup

Stage makeup
To hide my true getup
It masks the cry
One big smile

Stage makeup
When I go out
Adorned with layers
To hide my tears

Stage makeup
Like a sad clown
I dress up in colours
When feeling down

Stage makeup
I can’t cheer up
The circus is over
Time for a makeover

©2021 Elisha Alladina
All rights reserved


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