You’re mulling over the word “indignation” in your mind.

Stop asking yourself whose fault it is

What difference is yours or theirs indignation going to make

Stop all the repeated speeches the DJ in your mind wants to put on next.

Just listen, you know the truth is in there

A current running deep beneath the thin ice of your mutual retorts

Listen to that flow!

Leave your victimhood skating on the surface

The comings and goings of this silence leaves you speechless

When you imagine that you have stopped caring

You will hear the skater wanting you to hear him clinging to

The thin ice of his point of view

Is this you or another arguing with you?

It makes no matter.

For you are streaming now beyond your own depths

With a caring and listening you have never known.

It is as if a dear friend has just corrected you and in your “embarrassed

anger”, you are redeemed.

You still have righteous anger towards the outright lies that less friendly people

volunteer compulsively.

But you are free now to listen deeply

With a caring and listening you have never known.

Greg Ruud 11/21/16

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