Shadows Within | jsburl

Trees and Sky
©2023 Miroslava Panayotova

chasing shadows

driving this long stretch of road 
chasing shadows 
as the clouds fly 
across the sun. 

leaves dance upon the wind 
forever leaving 
the security of their branch 
to fly free. 

swirling about each other 
on the winds breath 
settling gently on the gray pavement 
weaving a carpet of color. 

red, yellow, orange and brown 
waiting for the moment 
a car passes by to liberate them 
from the ground, to fly again. 

what a cold wind blows 
against my skin 
but when the sun bursts through 
the warmth radiates out to touch all. 

gone are the birds, 
the butterflies. 
grown is the corn 
ready to be cut. 

so as i drive this long stretch of road 
chasing shadows 
of clouds flying fast 
i think of you, and smile.

the tree

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©2023 jsburl
All rights reserved


…has an MFA and is a hemorrhagic stroke survivor who lives in Northern NY. She loves her family, the mountains, gardening, writing poetry and stories, oil painting, dragons, and animals large and small. She lives with her partner and her dog Tippy, and has just finished her master’s degree in Creative Writing. She was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta International English Society, and The National Society of Leadership and Success. She has been a journalist and won state and US competitions, and has two children’s books slated for release this year. The stroke took her mobility, but not her creativity. Her favorite thing to tell people is “Make every day an extraordinary day.”



Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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