Snow in April | Andrew Williams

In South-Central Pennsylvania, 
the dogwoods are in full bloom. 
Grass greens and wrens breed,  
as bees zizz and aggregate pollen,  
disturbing the allergies of women 
and men. Un-garaged automobiles drive  
into clouds of pollen flung like confetti.  
But that was yesterday.  
Today, the grass, birds,  
bees, and people are bewildered  
as the encrusted automobiles  
emerge as fluffy featherbeds. 
Mother nature halts her pursuits 
to lament—to moan and weep.
Spring Light
©2022 Andrew Williams

©2022 Andrew Williams
All rights reserved

Andrew Ray Williams…

…is a poet living in Pennsylvania, USA. His work has been featured at The BeZine QuarterlyFevers of the MindInk, Sweat, and TearsRed Eft ReviewTrouvaille Review, among others. He also is the editor ofEast Ridge Review, a new platform for poetry book and writer reviews.


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