Solomon’s Awakening | Lorraine Caputo

And the Seasons
pen & ink drawing
©2022 Lorraine Caputo

Solomon’s Song

I can fly
	above crowds
		over landscapes
I can flee
	& I can float
I can be…

One day I told my schoolmates that
The memories       the sensation
	were so clear       so real
Prove it to us, they laughed

I was earthbound

Many years have passed
	since that day       those times
& I have not thought of
	how I used to flee
		float       fly

But today       in a moment’s rest
	I remember       my flight
& deep in my Being 
	I feel       still       sometimes
		I do       in my Dreams

Suddenly I hear Solomon’s Song
	sung in Toni’s voice
		in Milkman’s voice
I hear Solomon’s Song
	clearly       so near

& again       again
	I, too, want to sing
		with Solomon
& fly freely
	floating       soaring

I want…


I drift in blues & greens
	of tranquil seas & healing dreams

In my mind awakening
	the rainbow blends
		choosing carefully from
			the colored pencil box

I drift
	embraced by my future homeland

A voice gently speaks
				No, it is time to leave
				A new day is yellowing

I drift
	touching the necklaces
		cascading blue       new
My hand rests upon them
	Mine are missing

				No, here is the one
					of our Caribbean
				The other we shall search for
That voice hangs the serpentine
	of slim midnight beads
		around my neck
Its medallions rest in the valley
	of my plumpened breasts
					Come       greet this new day

I drift between transparent jade & turquoise
	diving into the sea
		of a future lover’s arms

The other world reaches
	through the balcony doors
		towards my curled body

Out there the rising sun
	is yellowing fractured clouds
Orange seeps softly
	washed by the all-night rain

							Come       come
								Greet this new day
							All roads will lead there

I drift
	into this body
		still reddened by the
			blood pumping through arteries
I drift from crimson to pink
	knowing all roads will lead there
		into the throbbing muscle
			of my heart

pen & ink drawing
©2022 Lorraine Caputo

Text and Art ©2022 Lorraine Caputo
All rights reserved

Lorraine Caputo…

…poet-translator-travel writer, has works appearing in over 300 journals on six continents and 23 collections of poetry–including the upcoming In the Jaguar Valley (dancing girl press, 2022) and Caribbean Interludes (Origami Poems Project, 2022). Her writing has been nominated for the Best of the Net. She journeys through Latin America, listening to the voices of the pueblos and Earth.



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