sounds were rising –

chrysalides for the yet unborn

crystalline shivers…

still were the waters,

undead the moonlight –

and aerial was the calling

of the sound-bender…

and all were silent…

Elysium bowed

under salty heaviness

and doubled up with pain,

unallowed to rebirth the lost

yet sounds kept rising –

chrysalides breaking

tracing furrows

in the molten souls that were


unshed fire caressed

crimson and black and golden

and hearts were born

where there had been none

and all were crying…

rocks blossomed under

the taming ether

exposing the bones of

ancient rainbows

and sounds kept rising –

chrysalides blooming

mourning the morning

never to come…

*Author’s note: for those not knowing it, Agriope is the other name of Euridice, Orfeu’s beloved wife :).

© 2017, Liliana Negoi

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