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Humanity is certainly facing one of the greatest challenges this Earth has ever known. Indeed, by abusing the resources that are generously offered by our Mother Earth, by disturbing ecosystems and climates, by relentlessly destroying its environment, Human Beings have made life on Earth very difficult for all living creatures. Having lost their balance, the natural elements can no longer provide worldwide what people need to sustain our needs, and the various conflicts in the World are making the situation even worse.

I started to attend the Erasmus Foundation, a Spiritual teaching and healing Centre, based in Laxfield in England, when I was living in England in the 1980s; and today I continue to receive knowledge that helps me, in a certain measure, to understand what we are going through at present. I have been taught that this is the end of the 5th civilisation and that what happens today has got a meaning, because we are human spirits who came to live a life on this Earth that is a school. Maybe today I would even say that I see it as a laboratory where God, whom we call the Great Mind, our creator, allows us, his children, to make the worst mistakes with the aim to help us learn and grow spiritually accordingly, for is it not by making mistakes that we learn the best lessons in life?

Also, in the face of the collapse of our living environment, in the incomprehension when seeing all those who prefer to continue to reap financial profit without taking into account the dramatic consequences on the climate and the environment, what gives me strength is the acceptance that there is a force working upon me, a force with which I can meld, and the acceptance that in this wise force, things are as they ought to be.

God, whom we call the Great Mind, has not only created all that is living in the Universe but he designed a great plan for life, a great evolution plan where everyone has their place, and just the recognition that I belong to this plan tapestried by the Great Mind gives me peace in the acceptance that I am as the Creator made me and that I am where God wants me to be. Our Spirit teachers have also told us that this should not be the end of life on Earth but a very challenging time that gives Humanity the opportunity to evolve and grow in making the right choices. Thanks to Humankind’s efforts we should then move on to the 6th Civilisation.

Now, I do not think that I can change the World, I think that all I can change is myself, and there perhaps lies the key—that if many are wanting to make the effort to try to change themselves with the aim to change for the better, then perhaps the World will change for the better as a consequence.

Where to find the energy we need to change? Well that energy, don’t you think it is here inside all of us? As we are human spirits, our true self that is our spirit is here inside our body, which is just an envelope for this lifetime.

It is then in calming the brain through meditation that we can let our spirit surface, our spirit that is our link with the Great Mind, is our own little tiny crystal where all the strength we may need is available. It is just for us to search for it and to develop it. 

I also believe that anyone can pray. Personally, I pray to the Great Mind every morning to ask God to give me the strength and the courage to be as the Creator would like me to be; I am sure that help comes, if only one tries to help oneself. We all know that: “help yourself and heaven will help you.” From experience I know this to be true.

And perhaps the best way to fuel others’ engines of change could be by example?

Learning to fly
©2022 Daisy Tsvete

Now, certainly, the first step to start with is to search to know oneself. It is evident for all that we have got good qualities as well as flaws. We are humans and this is naturally part of our structure when being on Earth. Therefore, in analysing myself I can see my qualities and my flaws, and I can learn to accept them so that I can work through them, trying to diminish what I see that is not right. In looking closely at myself I can discover what needs to be polished, and I can try in an everyday manner to do what is needed to become a little better, a little more acceptable to others. I then start to feel more comfortable with myself, and then, feeling more comfortable with myself, I can feel more comfortable with others. In seeing and accepting my own flaws, I can then accept others’ flaws and differences; in understanding myself better, I can understand others and become more tolerant. At the Erasmus Foundation, we believe in the Great Mind and in reincarnation ,which is for us logic in an eternally developing life design, and realising that I have led many different lives before this one in different physical forms, cultures, colours, gives me tolerance, as well.

Also, in becoming more comfortable with myself, and with the help of meditation, I can gradually identify more with my spiritual dimension. I thus identify more with all living things and, as a consequence, in identifying myself with the Natural Law, I can feel a part of it, a part of Creation and in harmony with all that is living, all creatures, and the Earth itself. If many people develop self-respect and respect for the Living, in my eyes, this is a good way to see the World changing for the better one day.

Having seen it before, I believe as well that Man is so made that it is in front of adversity that he develops his best qualities, and this is the reason why I think that it is in facing even more serious problems that are to take place in the coming years—such as the financial crash, flooding, droughts, natural events and illnesses that some scientists have foreseen for some time now—that People will really search for this inner strength and also will link together to form groups to stand together in front of the difficulties of life and find solutions to move forward.

I believe in the Great Mind’s plan prepared for his children, and in the fact that he made us very resourceful creatures by giving us the tools and the ability to adapt and to become more resilient. It is up to us, and it is also perhaps in opening our eyes to the reality of this world of today and preparing ourselves individually as well as collectively when possible, that we’ll be able to cope and help each other through the time of turmoil that is ahead.

Digital Art, ©2022 Kat Patton

This is the reason why I have hope. In a way, I would rather say that I have great expectations for the future because, when Humanity will find itself, when People will recognise their true stature, rediscovering the most important part of Humanity is the human spirit, people will open their eyes in truth, will see all the mistakes made, and will be able to put all that went wrong back into balance. It will take time, for sure, but this mechanical age will gradually move over to the 6th Civilisation that will be much more spiritual, much more beautiful. Our teachers in the Foundation tell us that it will be very colourful, with great discoveries and advancements in many ways that perhaps we cannot imagine today—new technologies, new sources of energies, new ways in education, in medicine, in growing food, in supplying shelter and housing—all with respect and while sharing resources. Also, People will be working together with Nature and no more against it.

Today, we can witness the most evil world that has ever existed, there is so much falsehood everywhere, can we rely on what is told to us? Can we rely on what is sold to us as food to be eaten, as water to be drunk, and so on?

Now, following the events that are to occur and through our spiritual development, truth will develop and will prevail, falsehood will be recognised by all for what it is and will be rejected. Then this World will be most beautiful and a place to live in quietude where evil will be overcome and much diminished in strength.

We at the Erasmus Foundation are lucky to know that there is much to look forward to, and this, too, is part of my strength, together with my confidence in the Great Mind.

©2022 Corine Beauseigneur
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Corine Beauseigneur

…first met The Erasmus Foundation in 1986, which is a spiritual teaching and healing centre in the UK, whose courses I continue to follow through zoom meetings from France. I have had a number of articles published in their magazine. I also take part in the podcasts they regularly put on line and I continue to write wishing to share the spiritual knowledge gained from this Foundation. The Erasmus Foundation Podcast, ‘Visualisations from the Erasmus Foundation’ can be found on Amazon’s Audible site.

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