Spring Later Time — Judy DeCroce

Almost Spring

I heard tomorrow and felt today.
                                 —William Staff

Willows breathe
the slow release of winter
quietly speaking to each other.

Time, stillness,
movement high—

Today tastes ever-smooth

as restless birds glide
taming waves of wind.

Tomorrow is coming…
                                  or is already around.

For Later—For Later

old friends—before and after

words leave as if nothing has happened
most of my life ago

calm, flowing, feeding and feeling
with some grace in the changes

towards these I move and falter
bending much—yielding less

a surprise in knowing that yes,
elsewhere is waiting
echoing the days far away

sometimes I look up with questions
into this tall world
with anchors tethered to the next

It’s Time

“…who, in their eagerness to embrace spring,
have mistaken hope for a promise—Pat Janus

The old pond restores again
and geese vee in return.

Just now, as a promising breeze lifts,
the naked woods begin to green.

And, I too go on
as twilight lengthens
lit and listening.

©2021 Judy DeCroce
All rights reserved

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One thought on “Spring Later Time — Judy DeCroce

  1. Thank you, Judy, for sharing these with us. There is an undercurrent of peaceful acceptance of the way nature works throughout all of these poems. I like how you say so much in just a few, well-penned lines that leave the reader thoughtful and pondering our own lives and places in the world. 🙂


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