New Strange Spring | Laura Shovan

New Ichthyosaur

After Theo Janssen
Wind-driven beasts roam
	the sandless coasts,
PVC feet
	ankle-deep in 
new marshes,
salt-caked, flooded soil.

Solar scales line their back
undulate as their 
gaits move into 
	the future. 
The plastic spines of a new

ichthyosaur click like thick 
of bamboo, their visible 
in man-made motion.
	And those 
who made them—

fled inland, their only future.

That Strange Pull

My mouth is a buoyant chasm 
filled with song. 

Words, notes stiff as icicles 
tow themselves up from memory, 

stand at the edge of my lips, 
and leap, disrupting the air 

with "Love Me Do." 
The old tunes are intrepid explorers, 

weathering ice blooms in my brain. 
They locate lyrics I knew 

when my mouth leapt 
to meet yours.

Ode to Spring

Digital Art 3-3-2023
©2023 Miroslava Panayotova
Spring, you perpetual activist,
you resist Winter’s cold rantings,
feign mindlessness, non-action.

You understand when it’s time
to return to your peaceful roots,
and engage the underground.

As soon as the weather 
eases its compassionless rhetoric,
you’re out there marching. 

I see you pushing
against hard earth until it breaks,
and there’s room for you to rise.

©2023 Laura Shovan
All rights reserved

Laura Shovan…

…is an author, educator, and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. Her chapbook, Mountain, Log, Salt, and Stone won the Harriss Poetry Prize. Laura’s award-winning children’s novels include The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary, Takedown, and Sydney Taylor Notable A Place at the Table, written with Saadia Faruqi. She teaches writing at Vermont College of Fine. Welcome to Monsterville, her poetry collection for children, was illustrated by poet Michael Rothenberg.



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