IMG_4650We meet
And who said we would never meet
Know nothing about love

Here we are
You, rooted in your Canaanite land
Me, a Berber gazelle
Descendents of revolutionaries and martyrs
With our pale letters full of absence’s ache
With the weight of days on our foreheads
And our secret fields of desire
Still green

When time suspends in your presence
I say your name like I recite a verse
With my eyes closed
I discover its shape in the light
Listen to the music of its letters
You repeat mine over and over
Like a secret spell
Or a song you learned in your tender childhood
That still echoes in your memory

Like two strangers we meet
After a hundred years of love
Our bodies forget their borders slowly
And our solitudes annihilate each other
When we touch

– Imen Benyoub

© 2015, poem, Imen Benyoub, All rights reserved; photo credit ~ 2015, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

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