Survive Wilderness Dust | Jacob Moses

Sculpture in a Pool
©2022 Gerry Shepherd

Ghazal: To Survive

They say through any season
All our people can thrive
But they are out of touch with those
Trying to survive

Working through a crisis
While nursing wind-chapped palms
Too much labor encourages
Dying to survive

A secret garden forming
One covered by the webs
The truth will catch us while we are
Lying to survive

Too much consumption breeding
The Joneses, status high
Bankruptcy will result in one
Buying to survive

This moral inventory
Is filled with shadow selves
They force us to face demons while we’re
Crying to survive

Emerging are the mushrooms
And herbs and weeds and berries
We don’t always need wings when we are
Flying to survive

We try to be ourselves
Second to our masks
To normalize the traits we are
Denying to survive

Religion predatory
Our worth reduced to wealth
Selective faith upon which we’re
Relying to survive

Addition of a trauma
Subtracts a will to live
Divisions asexual
Multiplying to survive

This world is too damn frustrating
And we’re losing our minds
Society screws us whether
We’re dead or we’re alive


The memory remains
of seeing her descent
down the rabbit hole

Prayed that one day
I could see the soul
That once entranced me

Her thoughts
were knots
on a rope
no human
could ever

She was a skeleton
disjointed and stripped
of skin and marrow

She was a sage
whose mind
was corrupted

But even if she 
walked through
the door I’d 
leave open…

I’d still miss her

In The Dust… (Bop)

As cluster bombs and daisy cutters soar
This globe stands by as our damnation starts
Demonic or divine - not sure which side
Will we ascend as virtue trumps our sins?
Upon this hostile ground, we pray for peace
Although ill-timed, for we currently cry

In the dust that was a city

A war within our minds is what we fight
To cast aside our grudges and our gripes
No longer will incite chaotic coups
Against the wall, we face just one boundary
Sometimes under the desk is where we’d hide
Now paranoia dictates liberty
Democracy in peril as we lay
Our laurels now cremated and now lie

In the dust that was a city

I may look down and kiss my ass goodbye
Society dissolves humanity
A legacy of disenfranchisement
Rich men will reign this racist republic
Fighting against other leaders and yet
Our armies fight their battles and will die

In the dust that was a city

©2022 Jacob R. Moses
All rights reserved

Jacob R. Moses…

…is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. He is the author of the full-length poetry book, Grimoire (iiPublishing, 2021). Currently, he is pursuing a Masters in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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