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The Necessity to Store Food

According to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2022 report, the negative effects of human beings on the environment and climate change are irreversible; it was in this context of urgency that the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) in Sharm-El-Sheik ended on November 20th with what most observers described as a mixed outcome.

It is clear that global warming is accelerating very noticeably while the major decisions that are envisaged to fight against it in general have relatively close deadlines in terms of economical planning but perhaps they are too far in considering the reality of the speed of such changes?

Among their devastating effects such as intense heat, drought, violent and deadly storms, floods, the spread and development of new viruses and pathogens, we must certainly not overlook the disastrous impact of global warming as well as pollution on agricultural crops, fruit growing, animal husbandry, fish farming and other food production.

With the repercussions of the war in Ukraine, the delayed effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, whose virus is still spreading, and the bird flu, which all add to this alarming situation, we can fear for the food supply of populations in the near future.

Aren’t there already geographic areas in our world affected by famine due to global warming? Certainly local armed conflicts and guerrillas have their share of responsibility, but if you look closely, aren’t we all involved in a global war situation today, with its share of impacts on transport costs, raw material and energy costs, inflation, etc.

The living conditions on Earth are deteriorating more and more, and if we consider the possibility of new important climatic events, I envisage a very uncertain situation in the near future regarding our food resources.

At the Erasmus Foundation, of which I am a part, (The Erasmus Foundation, Teaching and Healing Centre, Laxfield, Suffolk, England) we receive teachings by Spirit and our spiritual tutors often talk about this subject. They invite us to talk about it in turn, to raise awareness and invite people to prepare themselves to face future food supply problems.

If we look at reality, we can only think of preparing to face the disastrous consequences that we have caused and unfortunately that we are still causing by our lack of respect for the living world of our environment and of our Earth, which is our only food resource and our only source of life.

People in authority and governments should consider how necessary it will be to have provisions with large quantities of stored food and drinking water in order to be able to distribute them to those in need. As times might get harder and harder, it is important to think about what might collectively be needed in the future to feed people. Also, if countries could be ready to come together to talk about what might be needed for the future, the nations could perhaps communicate about food supply and organize themselves in that way.

I have written a letter to a great number of authorities in France, to several French European Deputies and to several Embassies in Paris to beg them to think about this.

Now what could one do at a personal level? The first thing that occurs to me is to consider the quantity of meat that humans can eat in a day or a week or a year, for the meat business has got a very big impact on global warming especially through deforestation. It is now recognized that meat is not necessary in a balanced diet, the proteins can be provided by a mixture of vegetables, legumes, eggs and dairy products. Some people have chosen to be vegan and are fit and in good health when they mix vegetable proteins well.

I find it important to mention cattle farming among other things, but of course I am sure that you all know how to reduce your impact on global warming, as not only one has to adapt to the climate crisis but not without firstly considering the root causes.

Secondly, one could store some food according to one’s means. This is possible if you have a garden, as you can grow your own crops or learn to grow food by yourself, if you are able to do it. Is it not interesting to see that good programs about gardening are on TV and good tutorials can be found online as well? It shows a growing interest in natural ways for people to grow their own veggies.

We can see here a new practice of shared gardens that is developing in some suburbs. People come from the nearby city to grow crops together. The garden is a friendly place where people can talk together, exchange ideas and work the earth together in natural ways, and in the due season they harvest the fruits of their work, often with a growing self-esteem.

I think that mankind needs to adapt now. Global warming is becoming more extreme and mankind needs to change urgently. From what Spirit tells us, I understand that if we want this Earth and its inhabitants to survive, a big effort is required, for the Earth is completely out of balance and will only be brought back to balance when men and women take responsibility for themselves.

I believe that there is no other way to put the world back to God-sanity; individually one should acknowledge one’s structure, which is a spirit living in a human body, and get to know oneself, to accept to be guided by the inner self, the true self, one’s mind. The importance of living in truth will then be evident and with Truth so many things will then become possible.

Also working through our flaws individually, which is part of spiritual development, is very important because it will be necessary in order to work together fairly and in confidence to adapt to this crisis. Whereas at present, with our flaws being so strong, it is difficult to imagine how to work together without being too greedy, jealous or self-centered.

So it is at first an individual road that is inside all of us, a path to walk through leading to spiritual fulfillment and to the possibility to live better; to respect oneself and others, to live perhaps in little communities where each has one’s place and duty to help, each one according to their own gifts and abilities, working together for the benefit of all the group.

In conclusion, I hope that you understand the need to store some food for yourself, and perhaps to be shared with others who are living around you, friends, families, or others you may find in need in the coming difficult times, as I said according to your means. And perhaps you may accept the need to rely on spiritual Truth, for it is with truth that mankind can survive this difficult crisis we are living in at present.

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…met The Erasmus Foundation in 1986, a spiritual teaching and healing centre in the UK, whose courses she continues to follow through zoom meetings from France. She has had a number of articles published in their magazine. She also takes part in the podcasts they regularly put on line and continues to write, wishing to share the spiritual knowledge gained from this Foundation.

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