Taming Jehovah | 2 poems — Roger Hare

Image1 - Kat Patton
Image1 – Kat Patton

Taming Tiamat

If you know who first defined beauty
then place it in a poem—plainspeak
is too full of fear 
to be clearly heard.

Tiamat is a figure symbolic of the chaos of primordial creation in the Babylonian creation story.

Jehovah or Not

forgive us for the vowels 
and consonants we drop
in search of shorter words 
to not trouble us too much,

for the daily bread we scatter 
and our love of sundry illusions
that only (and inevitably) shatter
the fragile peace between us.

Your stones have gathered a reputation
for rolling of their own accord—the
sand and grit and lime and slate and 
mud, the crystalline and pressed and  

baked and cooled are moved
by their memories of when 
you roamed the Earth. 
Would you sediment in our oceans,

accrue beneath our seas, 
harden as our bedrock 
so that we may 
have a better future?

©2021 Roger Hare
All rights reserved

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One thought on “Taming Jehovah | 2 poems — Roger Hare

  1. I especially like “Jehovah or not”. There is a deeper feeling underneath what’s said, an undercurrent of perhaps belief in a better way, a better world. Thank you for sharing these with us, Roger. 🙂


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