The visions of Pablo Amaringo
Transport us to magical wonderlands
It’s like oil & water had amazing-
Hypnotic properties & I expands.

Ayahuasca art resonates with me
But it’s short-lived, too hectic for my pleasure
Like some hallucinogenic—saree
The real beauty lies within its nectar.

… That went about healing the painter’s soul.
For me, there is a stiller-reflexion
In those water lilies – powers – enthral
Monet canvases, each flower a brethren.

Each blue eggshell brush-stroke heals like a balm,
Such are the properties of great artists
That they can find within to such aplomb,
A composure arriving, some solace.

They’ve got this almost restorative knack
Of lifting our tired, beleaguered spirits
The poet, speaking tongues elegiac;
Doesn’t he do the same, sweet and viscous?

© 2008 Mark Heathcote

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