So much of our languaging about the Divine is centered on maleness that it is easy to lose the feminine representation of the Divine. Especially in my tradition, Christianity. Over and over

  • God is God, not Goddess,
  • Father not Mother
  • Abba not Amma
  • Adonai not El Shaddai

It is sad. The imagery is there but centuries of patriarchy have taken the feminine away from the church. I won’t let that happen on my watch! On my personal altar, I have a feminine depiction complete with candle. It sits alongside my traditional Christian imagery, my little otter, and my favorite poetry book, “Women in Praise of the Sacred.”

I have a photo of her below. And I have to tell you, it was fun doing a photo shoot with little Gaia! I love her and the orange candle that she holds. Orange is the second chakra, feminine, creative, joyous, adaptable! We all have a little Gaia within.

But now, I will share one of my favorite poems from my favorite book with one of my favorite symbols.

Evening Star who gathers everything
Shining dawn scattered –
You bring the sheep and the goats,
You bring the child back to its mother.

-Sappho, 7th c. BCE


What image of the Divine calls to you? Where do you find images that inspire? What sits upon your altar?

Amen? Amen!



Notes on photo: Using my computer for the backdrop of gold sparkly stuff, I put saran wrap on the computer screen, put Gaia on a board covered with fabric, propped some flashlights so she had the lighting she needs, and snapped photos from a bunch of angles! This was a fun project!

© 2015, words and illustration, Terri Stewart, All rights reserved

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