The Politics of Food | F.I. Goldhaber

Have you ever known hunger?
Have you ever chosen to 
feed a child instead of eat?
When did you last know aching
emptiness that lasted days?
Millions of children in the 
U.S. go hungry daily,
many more throughout the world
while billionaires steal the food
from their mouths to buy yachts, huge
mansions, fancy cars, private 
jets, and their own Congressmen.
We subsidize the very 
rich who eliminate jobs, 
bust unions, ruin cities,
devastate education, 
neglect infrastructure, and 
take away your right to vote.
What they squander on one meal 
at a fancy restaurant 
could feed a poor family 
of four for a month or more.
But, they begrudge the working 
poor, the disabled, and the 
unemployed whose jobs they stole, 
a few hundred to spend at 
the discount grocery store 
to stop the rumbling in their 
young children's empty bellies.
Forget about nutrition
that's an unaffordable
luxury available
only to those deemed worthy:
those who got rich taking from
the public coffers, building 
their wealth with government-paid
subsidies and government 
funded airports, roads, and ports.
They pocket their tax breaks and 
complain about "handouts" and
nonexistent welfare queens. 

Walk a few miles in a poor
man's shoes and skip eating for 
a day or three. Try finding 
a job when you're dizzy with
hunger. Give your meal to a
child who only eats at school
and goes without on weekends.

First published in Subversive Verse October, 2014

©2014 F.I. Goldhaber
All rights reserved


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