the red coat ::

the red coat
was hiding
under layers,
but i saw it.
red it is, worn, shabby.

a friend you say.

lining cream silk crumple.
the label
harris tweed,
heather washed,
as old.

the back a thin satin sash
to tie.
oh lovely coat
i love you.

away for coffee
a biscuit.

back to the red coat,
tried it, and looked daft in it,
and imagined how it would be.

hungry i would wear it,
run on the moor, windy,
a cotton dress beneath,
grubby knees,

old boots, and wrap it round me.
night garden, pyjamas,
and the red coat looking
at the moon.

slight smell of camphor,
and lavender,
un threading,
pockets with notes,
and hankies
and all well, all well.

men will sing with three voices,
and dance in their suits,
and i will be headlost, and dizzy.
leaving the coat
to bathe in pools
of light, under green,
dripping back into
the coat , red coat.

they say i said too much about the coat last night,
and did I look daft, and i will never buy it
but it is already mine,
headed forever, calling it to at will

red coat.
i will say more, and more, red coat.

I love you red coat.

© 2017, Sonja Benskin Mesher RCA UA

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