The Victories are Important

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It can be exhausting being a champion for the environment. At times, it can seem like there are just too many people who don’t care, or that the staggering amount of money involved in keeping the harmful status quo of wrecking the earth is insurmountable. It can be depressing and overwhelming, and it’s something that any serious activist will have to come to terms with on a daily basis.

That’s why celebrating the victories, both big and small, is so important. They keep us going, show us that we’re on the right path, despite the odds. They show us that we DO matter – to the people, the wildlife and the land that we save. Here are just a few of the big environmental “wins” within the last year. The next time you get discouraged, remember this list and hold your head high…you DO make a difference!

Yes, I know, I know, it’s a boring list of links. This may look uninspiring until you actually follow them and see exactly how many people really DO care about this planet and all the wonderful work these and other organizations are doing. I hope you’ll at least check them out. (Links will open up a new window.) 🙂

Nations Sign Historic Paris Climate Deal

Stories & Victories from Greenpeace’s Annual Report blog

National Resources Defense Council Victories

7 Surprising Environmental Victories for 2015

Bonus: Here are a few quizzes (who doesn’t like quizzes?) to test some of your environmental and climate change savvy:

NASA Global Temp Quiz

Nat Geo Green Plastics quiz

Green Quiz: The Value of Pollinators

Environmental Geology quiz

Nat Geo Quiz: What you don’t know about Energy

– Corina Ravenscraft


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2 thoughts on “The Victories are Important

  1. Thank you, Corina! This absolutely makes a difference to the conversation. Practice is its own reward, but knowing that we have the ability to make change is a huge motivator to practice! Can’t wait to take some quizzes when the dust settles. (I’ve always been an eager test-taker!) ❤

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