“Once we create imagery that honestly represents how life feels from the inside, there is a deep sense of personal empowerment and a new degree of private certainty as a result of having finally touched down to the original bedrock of our original self.”
Peter London, No More Second Hand Art

World in the Cracks

I believe they are waiting
I see them when my dreams splinter
their feet happy
splashing in a green pool
flower rings around open tresses
goldened by the sun
tender thighs fearlessly open
they recline with easy laughter
stretching graceful limbs
proud bosoms thrown to the wind
idly looking over bare shoulders
waiting for the next to arrive
Soft fabrics flow along their curves
green, gold, maroon
richly embroidered with bird wings
not really designed to cover
for here candour is the touchstone

This dell of delayed life
hums a happiness that never threatens
All of which are to me familiar
Curls, cascades and this well-loved lushness
beautiful forever
Loveliness that never deserved a cold earth
which knows not what to do with its treasures
They are waiting and to see them often
I live more in my beleaguered dreams

©Reena Prasad

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