This is not a lullaby,
a song to soothe you
when you can’t help
but cry.
This is a dirge,
background music
for when your worst nightmares
and reality merge.
This is the quickening
of your pulse
when you watch
all your dreams crumble
into dust.
Your bedrock fall beneath you,
ironclad agreements,
in time-lapse suddenness,
Because you put
your faith,
not in man,
but in the care of
the faithless,
a vulpine trickster
talking out of
both sides of his mouth,
bombastic claims
that are baseless.
Completely ignorant of
Chivalric code,
a Knight Errant
chasing windmills
in Berserker mode.
This is the answer
to the unasked question,
Having no one
but yourself to blame,
don’t know,
don’t care.
This is not a Lullaby.

– M. Zane McClellen

Copyright 2016, All rights reserved

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