I am autistic.
What about you?
Are you autistic too?

If you are
don’t tell.
They will look down on you.

How boring to be “normal” –
able to be and do –
How sad not to perceive with our eyes
our beauty and our truth.

*Based on her poem “I am nobody/ Who are you?”
This poem is a conversation between a father and son who is non-verbal, thus one-sided but one in which the father comforts the son who understands though he cannot speak.


whom you nursed back to health
when she had typhoid
when her back was broken –
so twice –
had a dream about you
that she was in your home
and you were laughing
said you were fine
and we were silly to mourn
cheered her up
even after you’ve left

A good dream

You were my father and hers
to make up for my
to her, my daughter

I owe you
a double debt
one I can never repay
pay it

Mother (Sara)

I still search
for your core
in me
it will
make me

Though you left
your will remains
strong as warp and weft
of steel.

I still search
for that in me
to become steady
to make me

– Ampat Varghese Koshy

© 2016, poem, Ampat Koshy, All rights reserved

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