They’re there;
hollowed into make-shift sponge-foam beds,
tight-curled into malodorous rag-blankets
and plastic of dubious origin.

They’re there;
the shadow-ghost people
of no fixed abode,
gathered loosely together
in cohesive misery.

They’re there;
existing on society’s fringe,
sustained by the government’s pandering promises;
sharing glue-highs and garbage rot

They’re there;
old children, dying people,
together in perpetual poverty.

They’re there;
trampled contours on grass verges,
silhouettes on street corners,
robotic vendors with nothing to sell
but themselves.

They’re there;
the street-people of forgotten causes,
unified in the rainbow nation
of lost hopes.

© 2017, Irene Emmanuel

One thought on “Togetherness

  1. I have spoken with homeless people and one of the common threads they all share and struggle with is the feeling of being “invisible”. They just want others to “see” them – as human beings, as worthy of being loved and not as trash or disgusting just because they don’t have the things that others do (a house, job stability, food, etc.). I understand the natural response that so many have to ignore them because it’s a painful thing to acknowledge, but it is so hurtful to feel invisible, like no one cares. Thank you for sharing this with us this month.

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