Translating the Ukraine, Letters from a Young Cousin in Odessa | Debbi Brody

Daughter of a broken arm,
legs drove the wheels,
shot down at the speed
of a black jeep.

The evening moved to make things 
square. Details in bags and rustling bills.

Our nation is ready 
to give his last shirt.

Vladimir’s cathedral and walking
on subway cars with dull drawling.

A guy cleaned paws off my shoulder,
walked to the exit of transition, 
he graduated with grief in half,
three classes.

But all this being said, the flowers.
Photograph ©2022 Natalia Twardy
from Pexels

Poem ©2022 Debbi Brody
All rights reserved

Debbi Brody…

…is an avid attendee and leader of poetry workshops. She has been published in numerous national and regional journals, magazines and anthologies of note. She judges poetry contests around the nation. Debbi’s strong voice ranges from narrative to lyric, short to lengthy, grief filled to joyous, inner to outer landscapes and politics. The deep influences of the surrealist, modernist and beat poets sing through her collections of clear, tough, tender and fantastical poems. She is the author of three chapbooks as well as two full length poetry collections. In Everything, Birds, is her second full length collection published by Village Books Press, (OKC, OK 2015)and was awarded an inaugural Margaret Randall Book Prize in Poetry. Her newest chapbook is Walking the Arroyo (2020-Cyberwit Books).


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