Trees About Ghost | Judy DeCroce

The Posture of Trees

a year has spilled its worn days along the path

breaching a stand where years lay—
where colors shuffle

autumn tags beneath and above 

like the posture of trees
I stand as straight as I can 
feeling taller
going on

Previously published by Wellington Street Review / June 2019

Peter Wilkin

Coming About

over waste and blessings
I summon one—one step—one foot
then the next,

maybe one long stride into an evening gray boat

to where hope will tack a reflection,
stir a swell
crossing a sudden breach

through this journey
I reach for a welcoming harbor
that still lies too long away
Miroslava Panayotava
By the River
water color

Even My Personal Ghost

crouches eyeless, harmless, perhaps

pretending ordinary,
with no will of her own.

So much remains to be done.

If lost, remember the rituals
pass into possibilities through
my silhouette and beyond.

Catch up!

Catch up when light falls
and my senses cross into night…
                                  please, promise to follow.
Miroslava Panayotava
Girl, 3

©2021 Judy DeCroce
All rights reserved


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