This is a series of haiku I wrote reflecting on people who trespassed into a bird sanctuary so they could get the “right” photograph. The photos were taken across two days at the same location. Both days, there were people stepping into the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge off-limits area. Hiking guidelines here.  Shalom, Terri.


footsteps trespassing
coastal bird sanctuary
seahawk stands guard



disturbing the shore
stopping to examine shells
pocketing the forbidden


ignorant touches
disturbing nature’s balance
the seahawk is gone


Photo and haiku by Rev. Terri Stewart. Covered under Creative Commons licensing: (CC BY-ND-SA).

3 thoughts on “Trespass

    1. I was getting quite annoyed watching all the people cross into the space that was clearly marked off limits. I guess since the feds have cut funding to national parks, they can’t afford to actually make sure their rules are enforced by having people there.

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