untitled | Nika Mavrody

This writer can’t bake but they do 
Eat with brains
Don’t thoughts
Where Wings Fail
©2022 Edward Lee
How many days 
Can we hope in
Comes back to

Well no where is
You more than 

Each ray makes
Us They teachin

Okay well, another peace
Comes from the box of

We Honour Those Gone
©2022 Edward Lee
No weak Came 
She’s blood out
Where do they
Call us for the
Muscles RAM
Signing you as
Anything but tag
There’s no.


Is this a story
or is it a letter
It truth because
How do you know
that Nika has that
short day as goddess
She’s been preforming
Ever since she succeeded
Which link searchable,

©2022 Miroslava Panayotova

Poems ©2022 Nika Mavrody
All rights reserved

Nika Mavrody…

…writes for the news, and has been published in TheFashionSpot, The Faster Times, TheAtlantic.com, Racked.com, Sugarhigh Berlin, Blinkist, CESTA blog, Cultural Analytics, The Decadent Review, and is forthcoming in The AutoEthnographer.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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