Vision of Hope | Nicole Triscari

Envision— a word packed full of hope 
And purpose. A race. An attesting to
The profound moments that start with a 
Smile— while getting to know you through 
Other school-related means, meaning 
How we know one another before is history 
The door for mystery stands with thick 
Hinges on these broken lands
Pain cries out and tension is thick in 
Cities, where bricks are used to 
School the Black, Brown and White bodies. 
Intentions may be good — wasn’t 
Meant to hurt nobody! 
Sharpened pencils are the least of these 
Kids’ worries when guns are packed 
With lead. 
Full of pride, you started with
A crown — a frown I could not make 
Growing up in the capital of your state 
Of mind. 
The crown fell some years ago, 
Disappointed to see the fractures of 
Race, could create an earthquake. 
Make no mistake from the city in which 
We are born from—
Built from Native Americans 
These hills which 
Runners take breaks
Someone else was supposed to clean you up! 
Make you a dreamland for all who came 
Instead of creating fear 
Where people have nothing to be but nice. 
No one knows how to just be; restless bodies 
Create an enemy of trust 
Come, Lord Jesus!
This is my war cry 
Taking that with my passions 
Lust for change is tame 
There is hope in the reframing and a 
Friendship gained. 

©2022 Nicole Triscari
All rights reserved

A New Pennine Way
©2022 Gerry Shepherd

Nicole Triscari…

…is a blogger, mother of one (and one on the way!), and teacher. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, who is passionate about poetry, education, and creating a home that welcomes people.



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One thought on “Vision of Hope | Nicole Triscari

  1. Whoa! This is so dope Nicole. I’m gonna be following your work. Thanks for what you’re doing here to inspire change in this broken world.

    Liked by 1 person

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