Roughly, a liter of water is required to produce every calorie, so an adequate daily diet requires more than 2,000 liters of water to produce enough food for one person. Of this, 40 percent on global average can come from irrigated agriculture. New factors such as increasing world population and improved affluence will further strain water resources. In addition, the uncertain effects of climate change on drought, floods, and agricultural productivity will exacerbate the situation.
If we continue to apply current water management practices, by 2050 the global agricultural sector will need to double the amount of water used to feed the world.” Agriculture: Meeting the Water Challenge by Nadia S. Halim, John Hopkins water magazine

Water of the Earth
For the Earth
Siphoned and sucked into 
Nine billion thirsty mouths

Not to mention
The car wash
The swimming pool
And the golf course

In former ages,
Its power created
Canyon carvings and
Cave formations

What does Water want…for itself?


© 2017, Priscilla Galasso

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