When joy breaks
like the purling rills of spring,
laughter spiraling through tiny windows,
a dolphin slapping its cold blue back
against the sea;

When joy breaks
and spins free the spigots of my mind,
I want to stay awake for the rest
of my life—

Seeking glad conspiracies
of atoms,
the wax seal
of God’s greatest love note:
each breath
a yearning,
each day
a crown of elms,
each story
a breeze soothing our lonesome crags,
each sorrow
a luminous jolt of flight.

And when it’s all over
I hope to say:

This life made of me a lantern,
a whitish beacon of matter
staining the sky
long after my cells
had scattered.

© Matt Pasca

excerpt from A Thousand Doors (J.B. Stillwater, 2011) and published here with the author’s permission

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