I come to this school
I’m just the same as you
You want to learn science
You know I want to learn too

I live in a shelter
I once lived out on the streets
You laugh at my clothing, and
The worn out shoes on my feet

Why Do You Judge Me?
Will you ever accept me?

They shut down my job
And now I can’t find another
I’m looking for work
Can you help me out, brother?

You walk by with Disgust
The expression on your face
Do you have any Trust?
Is there even a trace?

Why Do You Judge Me?
I Wish you would Help Me

I worked hard all my life
Got no retirement pension
I made enough to get by
My body writhing with tension

My bones are all aching
I no longer have my good health
Some people work hard
Never receive any wealth

—Brian Crandall

4 thoughts on “Why Do You Judge Me?

  1. Thank You, very much for the replies. For some reason, my computer would not show messages on wordpress until recently, and i still don’t know why. Your comments show that you really get it, what I was trying to say. I really like to write poetry from the perspective of the person who is suffering, rather than my own perspective.

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