Winter 2021

Volume 8                  Life of the Spirit                  Issue 4

Introduction & Table of Contents


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

2 thoughts on “Winter 2021

  1. My name is Tamam Tracy Moncur and I’m delighted that one of my poems is in this issue. I am enjoying this publication immensely especially the video presentations at the end. The introduction was quite thought provoking in that it talked about Jewish people possibly being angry with God for the holocaust? Could many African Americans be angry with God for slavery, systemic racism, and hate? It’s definitely food for thought.🤩

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    1. No doubt there are—and were during the time of slavery. It’s interesting though that the African slaves took on the Bible and the story of the Israelites’ redemption from slavery, as shown in many Spirituals. As an example, one could consider “Go Down Moses,” sung here by Paul Robeson ( And ex-slaves in the U.S. (and probably elsewhere) became abolitionists, activists against slavery. Sojourner Truth provides a good example, and she named herself that because she believed God wanted her to travel “testifying the hope that was in her.” I don’t know if she was angry while enslaved, though. Frederick Douglas may be a a good former slave to consider in parallel to Elie Wiesel. Douglas wrote three autobiographies and was a noted orator and activist against slavery and segregation and for women’s suffrage. Like Wiesel, he continued to have faith. I don’t remember or know if he ever wrote or spoke about anger against God. Perhaps you know about Sojourner Truth’s and Frederick Douglas’ views toward God while enslaved? I know slaves brought from Africa often did not have Christianity, but they had their own beliefs and religions. This would be an interesting question to research. As you say, food for thought.


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