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Extremely high quality Thai Buddha Head  from the Ayuthaya period. More finely cast and more artistically sculpted than most of the pieces created during that time. Loss of the earlobes, but otherwise a truly striking piece. The curator of The Buddha Gallery

One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”

“No,” answered Buddha.

“Then are you a healer?”

“No,” Buddha replied.

“Then are you a teacher?” the student asked.

“No,” Buddha replied.

“Then what are you?” The student was frustrated.

“I am awake,” replied the Buddha

3 thoughts on “BUDDHIST ART: Animals

  1. Here in my neck of the woods, The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts is currently hosting the most wonderful exhibition titled “Reflections of the Buddha September 9, 2011 – March 10, 2012. This space is overwhelmingly calm and beautiful, designed by Tadao Ando. There are 22 works of art from collections around the world. We have been once. The space is open to the public two days a week.

    1. Google Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.
    2. On left hand side of page click on link (grey ink) Web Catalogue.
    3. My favorite is the first Buddha, “Standing Prince.” This is what comes up after clicking the link.
    4. Go to bottom of page and click on (red link) “View Photographs of the installation. They are on Face Book, a small selection.


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