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SHAMANIC JOURNEY, Old Raven travels to Machu Picchu, Peru

Following the shaman. (2007)




Old Raven (RavenPress), All Rights Reserved

Still, stillness now
Quiet, center … centered now
Go deeply within
Slowwwwww … ly
Deeply quiet.
Deep within
Space consummation.
Not hurtling … no, not hurtling towards the void.  But slowly advancing.
Slowwwwly … condense all thought.
Become nothing.
your place
your opening
movvvve slowly towards
your opening.  Be still.
the tunnel.
LAND.  Quietly.
Summon … your Power.
Summon your … Animal.
Let him/her
Now take you into the void.  Void.  VOID.
CIRCLE … find what you need.
bring it back.  BLOW.
Rattle … feather.
Return now … open, open, open … your … eyes.
The rocks carved to imitate the mountains … an alignment happened when the sun reached a certain place in the sky.
An Alter used for ceremony long ago.
Standing with my feet curled over the edge looking straight down 2600 feet, this is where I chose to lose my fear of heights.
Doing ceremony.
© 2011, 2012 poem and photographs, L. Rice-Sosne All Rights Reserved. No re-blogging or reprinting without the express permission of the author.

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OLD RAVEN writes poetry and memoir and shares her photography at RavenPress. She  lives with her husband and several pets and writes extensively about war and the suffering that results, especially post-traumatic stress disorder. She also touches on her own spiritual healing, shamanic studies, and the outcome of her shamanic journey. Currently Old Raven is working on a major project: a book about her mother’s experience of World War II, which we look forward to reading one day. Her mother worked for the United States Office of War Information (OWI). Old Raven just completed a five-year study of the Second World War, combat PTSD, and her father’s war experience.  She recently celebrated a birthday. We gratefully celebrate her here today. Please visit her blog to say “hi” and “happy birthday.” Happy Birthday, Liz.


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8 thoughts on “SHAMANIC JOURNEY, Old Raven travels to Machu Picchu, Peru

  1. Jamie, thank you for your kindness, your wonderful words and the incredible encouragement that you always give to others. Thank you for sharing this with others. I haven’t done shamanic healing in a bit … but next saturday shall be doing some work again. The thing that attracted me to shamanic healing, at least the few techniques that I do/use … is that one can heal without “revisiting” their pain, without reliving it. The idea that one must go back and experience their pain again in order to heal has always annoyed me for their are too many out there who do not have the kind of strength needed to revisit their pain. I also think that “revisiting” often creates a dependency upon a therapist.


  2. Old Raven, thank you. I loved the journey to the Inner – especially knowing it was with you. That made it so much sweeter! You remind me that I can chose to let go of fears. It really is that simple…I chose to pick it up and so I can choose to let it go.

    I am thrilled that you are a shaman.

    Old Raven and Jamie and whomever else – I want to share this with pearls:


    1. Soul Dipper … thank you. I am very pleased to have come across you this past year. You have important things to say, to pass on to others and to share … you add to life, I appreciate that very much. Also, thank you for the above link.


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