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MADEMOISELLE, Teaches Lessons in Courage and Compassion


Saved 300 Jewish children during the Holocaust



Jamie Dedes

With love for her students who would surely face death at the hands of the Nazis,  Andree Geulen (then a twenty-year-old teacher) hung the Star of David on her Cross of Jesus and one-by-one walked three-hundred children out of the Holocaust and into life. They called her Mademoiselle. Her story is a lesson in courage and compassion.

There are unsung heroes in this story too. They are the men and women who subsequently took these children in at risk to themselves. They raised and presented the children as their own. They taught them to put on the face of Christianity for safety sake while secretly teaching them to honor their own Judaism.

Laurel D. sent me this video with a song that was written to honor Andree Geulen-Herscovici. The complete story is embedded in the video. The song was written to honor Mrs. Geulene-Herscovici’s 90th birthday, as you will note in the video.


Andree Geulen-Herscovici, May 1998, at the reunion of children who had been saved during the war at Chateau Jamoigne, Belgium: Her comment HERE. (Must read.)

Belgian woman who saved 300 children in the Holocaust gets honorary Israeli citizenship HERE.

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Photo credit ~ Andree Geulen, Maison des Justes Histoire


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4 thoughts on “MADEMOISELLE, Teaches Lessons in Courage and Compassion

  1. What bravery. What a young woman. Thanks for passing this on, Jamie.

    I agree – the people who took them in are heroes as well – for putting their lives at risk, for teaching the children the “mask” of Christianity and showing their respect for the faith of the children.


  2. I often am drawn to read books of historical significance of the people, like this woman, who put their own lives in peril to come to the aid of others…whether they be fiction or fact. I recently read a book about a young woman (story fictional) who did go to live with a friend who was Christian and put her own life in danger to save the lives of others. She lived as a Christian but then learned information from the military to enable many Jews to be freed. Even though fiction I can see where the writer might have taken and woven the story around historical fact after reading your post here. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Nice video! I hadn’t put it together that she is now 90; I am glad she is still here and appreciated for her courage and daring.


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