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8 thoughts on ““THE TRUE WARRIOR”-The one who sacrifices himself for the good of others!!!!!!

  1. It is good to be reminded of Sitting Bull’s wisdom as we think about war and peace! “War” is such a basic way we “go unconscious” as we think about solving human problems. “War” has become such a basic metaphor as try to get rid of things that we do not want to think about and address in human discourse and action. He asks us to think again about how we use these metaphors and see them with “new eyes”!


  2. Funny how our ideas of peace and war, meekness and power are thrust into little boxes and lose the nuances that give them dimension. We mistake aggression for strength and forget that caring and compassion require great fortitude as well.


  3. That is our way, to care for the community and all that live there. This extends to all of creation,although, in truth we often fail to live up to the ideal. Still, we hold in our hearts the task of being true warriors.


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