Viennese, Catholic Benedictine Monk

Br. David is notable for his work fostering dialogue among the faiths and for exploring the congruence between science and spirituality. Early in his career he was officially designated by his abbot to pursue Catholic-Buddhist dialogue. He studied with several well-known Zen masters. He is the author of feature articles, chapter contributions to collections, and books. Among the most notable are Belonging to the Universe (with Frijof Capra) and The Music of Silence: A Sacred Journey Through the Hours of the Day (with Sharon Lebell). Br. David is the co-founder of A Network for Grateful Living, dedicated to the life-transforming character of gratitude.

2 thoughts on “One Perspective on Understanding Our Religious Traditions

  1. Wonderful perspective – Catholic means ‘all people, in all times, all places hold the same faith’. Essentially Brother Stendl-Rast is describing the Baha’i World Religion.

    (The Baha’i faith embraces all religions each bringing progressive revelations of universal, eternal spiritual tenants/truths to various epochs and regions.)

    I love his metaphor of the room and the door. I believe that all of us live in the same house where the room is located . . . even if we don’t open the door to peek in.


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