Our theme this month: 


The peace-inspiring header artwork this month is by Karen Fayeth. © 2015, All rights reserved.

You will find short biographies of each of our core team contributors and guest writers HERE.

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Lead Features

Catching the Light, Corina Ravenscraft

Renewed Like An Eagle … Spiritual Lessons from Nature, Priscilla Galasso

The Flight of the Sparrow, Naomi Baltuck

Photo Story

Back Down to Earth, Naomi Baltuck


Renew in Me, Terri Stewart

Twilight Will Be Enough, Joseph Hesch

Fayeth Bzine image

“General Interest”


Twenty Pesos, Daniel S. Sormani, C.S, Sp.

“Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts!” … On the Importance of the Liberal Arts, Naomi Baltuck

Hearing Your Words … In Memory of Welsh Poet, Anne Cluysenaar, Jamie Dedes

The Fear of Being Left Outside, What Literature Needs to Address, Orhan Pamuk


Keeping Silence, Donna Pierce


on giving … Charles W. Martin

A Muslim Girl and a Jewish Girl: Slam Poetry for Uncommon Good Sense, Common Ground

Call Out for the Sacred Dream, Jamie Dedes

In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day, A Celtic Blessing, John O’Donohue

Last Cast of the Day, Joseph Hesch

Overlooking the Obvious, Joseph Hesch

Fayeth Bzine image

4 thoughts on “The BeZine, Volume 1, Issue 5, March 2015: Table of Contents with Links

  1. Hi Jamie,

    I browsed through your offering this morning and found Keeping Silence, which I found very moving. Thank-you for your creativity in word and graphics and for your ongoing reliability. I know I can always find something uplifting in your publications, and I know that a relatively recent one will always be near at hand.

    How about lunch some time? I’m headed out on a retreat and then off to Ashland, but could we schedule a time to get together in early May? I’m happy to meet you near your place.

    With love,



    1. Well, all the credit for the feature you like goes to Donna Pierce, a colleague here and on Bequine Again. Look forward to seeing you in May, Mick. Have a lovely retreat and a wonderful time in Ashland. Peace and Hugs, Jamie


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