Friday’s post by Terri Stewart on “Begine Again” is timely and thought provoking; hence, we’re sharing it here. The discussion in the comments section is interesting too. Please note the links in the text and the two additional links in the comments section. All are worth your time and attention. And, just a reminder that the next issue of “The BeZine” will be published online on August 15th. The theme is music. We’ve enjoyed the work of putting it together for you and know you’ll appreciate the result … So read on and stay tuned. J.D.

Beguine Again

I have been taking a class on racism. The most helpful definition I have heard is that racism is not what or who you are, it is the outcome of your actions. This is great! It puts the conversation into an area of actions that are measurable. There is no speculation about who or what people are with regard to racism. All that matters is outcome.

True, I suppose. Actions matter more than words. And yet, words harm. So perhaps there is a both/and.

Why racism on Sabbath? One of the things that Rabbis encourage us to do on Sabbath is to set aside consumption and do things like read, learn, be joyful! Sabbath is also directly juxtaposed with the justice movement as the command to practice Sabbath comes on the heals of leaving slavery behind and moving towards abundant life. The Ancient Israelites knew a thing or two about diaspora (being forced out…

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