2 thoughts on “Pray For the World

  1. Hi Jamie, I have tried repeatedly to post a comment this morning – here are the words I tried to add: “Hello, it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. Even today, when we are endowed with superb electronic communication forms. Without the whole picture good people become frightened, desperate people. It is hardly possible to understand what is actually occurring as while diverse and discrete worlds make up our world, our entire world is artificially constructed, construed and constrained by forces dedicated to power, money and control. Thanks to Ghandi, King, Mandela for the examples they have provided. Universal Peace in our time, old Susanne xs”

    I don’t know why I always have so much trouble with posting and make so many complications! Please forgive, Peace, old susanne. xs

    On 14 November 2015 at 23:30, THE BARDO GROUP/BEGUINE AGAIN wrote:

    > Jamie Dedes posted: “I don’t know who to credit for this, but it says what > needs to be said. “


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