An excellent piece from Michael Watson as those of us in U.S. celebrate Independence Day.

Dreaming the World

Awaiting_FireworksWell, we have arrived back at July 4th, Independence Day here is the U.S.. Last night we wandered down to the lake and enjoyed a lovely evening, complete with fireworks. Keeping with the revolutionary theme of the day, the revolution began on the 3rd, we even managed a conversation with a colleague about disability rights and activism.

This is, I suspect, a vastly misunderstood holiday, being anything but straightforward. It is also a much appreciated day off for many people.

As far as I can tell, the War of Independence was a contest between a rag-tag group of fighters with territorial dreams, and a major world power. It was fought over the colonists desire to keep their tax money at home, their wish to maintain the slave trade, and perhaps, most of all, their dreams of westward expansion, aspirations the British were attempting to block.

Not all of the Founding…

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