A few from the vaults …

April is (inter)national poetry month at the BeZine. I’ll be honest, my inspiration and muse have been mostly M.I.A. since the election. I keep trying to write, but most of what comes out is extremely negative, cynical and just plain awful. I wanted to contribute this month, because I have always loved poetry and think it should be celebrated. So, I’m offering three older poems in the hopes that they will be appreciated for what they are. Here’s hoping that all of you find poetic inspiration and keep writing for the rest of us. 🙂

~ De Facto Plutocracy ~

Corporate Fat Cat

Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Can you break a dollar?

Can you make change?

No. Yes. And I don’t know.

Once, I believed it might be possible.

But those scheming snake-oil salesmen sold us


They convinced us to purchase our own slave-chains

Of Debt.

Of Doubt.

The only thing that “trickled down” to us

Was their whispered, decades’-long laughter,

All the way to the God-forsaken, rube-taken


The American Dream hasn’t always been an illusion,

But “they”

found a way

to make it one…permanently.

Will any amount of shouting, shoving or even shooting,

ever be able to put US back together again?

There is no sanity, because the inmates OWN the asylum.

Bought on the bloody, broken backs of the ninety-nine percent,

The “Trust Fund” is long spent and squandered, then.

The nefarious, nebulous “They”…

They broke the Dollar.

But there was no



~ C.L.R. © 2011 ~

~ Night Fog ~

Everything plays Hide and Seek,
When the clouds come down,
And dance on the ground.
The muted hush makes one
Reluctant to speak,
As the night-time world
Plays Lost and Found.

Crystalline drops bunched in the night air,
Coating the night’s kiss,
In a silvery mist.
Damp blanket of moisture;
Light dew, barely there,
Wrapping the darkness
In wet, velvet bliss.

Swirling vapors — breath of dreams,
Holds the silence close
In translucent repose.
Shifting shadows make nothing
As it seems,
And morning’s sun
Will mark the night’s fog as a ghost.

~ C.L.R. ~ © 2008

~ Feeling Blue in a Red State ~

Red state.
Full of red-necks,
And their red, ‘Murican blood.
Flag waving,
Non-white hating,
Cesspool of inbred brood.

Your ignorance is excusable.
Your stupidity is not.
You narrow-minded,
Backwards bigots,
Who seldom have
An original thought.

Thump your Bibles louder,
Maybe God, Himself,
Will hear.
Spread the hatred,
Pump yourselves up prouder,
Sow dissent,
And reap the fear.

Your Reich-Wing, fascist antics,
Sure collect a lot
Of wannabes.
Forget about arguing
Intelligent semantics,
You only mimic your idols,
On your big-screen T.V.s.

Never a thought,
Of how you
Affect the planet.
Never thinking about,
The future of ALL.
No concern for
How your so-called leaders
Straw-manned it,
As long as you’ve got yours,
The rest can just crawl.

The one comfort I have,
Living here, among you,
Is that I’ve already escaped
This cesspit of snakes.
Karma will catch you,
Sooner or later.
And reveal
All you gun-toting,
Mindless voting,
Scripture mis-quoting,
As fakes.

C.L.R. ~ © 2011

– Corina Ravenscraft


The focus of "The BeZine," a publication of The Bardo Group Beguines, is on sacred space (common ground) as it is expressed through the arts. Our work covers a range of topics: spirituality, life, death, personal experience, culture, current events, history, art, and photography and film. We share work here that is representative of universal human values however differently they might be expressed in our varied religions and cultures. We feel that our art and our Internet-facilitated social connection offer a means to see one another in our simple humanity, as brothers and sisters, and not as “other.” This is a space where we hope you’ll delight in learning how much you have in common with “other” peoples. We hope that your visits here will help you to love (respect) not fear. For more see our Info/Mission Statement Page.

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