A Mirror of Chantilly Lace | Renee Espiru


She sees that truth has been manipulated and twisted
suiting no one but the one who engineers it
like clandestine meetings between those who
consider themselves lawmakers wearing their guises
like black widow spiders whose loving opponent
will meet their demise when they are deluded
into believing they meet on equal ground
having something both believe in and that
truth is the foundation on which discussion
is built but their meeting of minds is clouded
by deception a grand design of charismatic nature

She sees that there has become a truth laden
with roads without destination convoluted as much
as the murky waters of polluted lakes and rivers
with whirlpools swirling the masses’ thoughts into
a funnel going ever downward where there is no passage
out and from which no amount of mesh can siphon its’ debris
that consists of life without beauty for when the
mirror is looked upon it consists of an acetate fabric
of which everything appears dim and unclear and that
even Chantilly lace when looked through has wonder but
the important elements are missing as though becoming
a puzzle without any solution so each day is the same

© May 2017 Renee Espriu


The focus of "The BeZine," a publication of The Bardo Group Beguines, is on sacred space (common ground) as it is expressed through the arts. Our work covers a range of topics: spirituality, life, death, personal experience, culture, current events, history, art, and photography and film. We share work here that is representative of universal human values however differently they might be expressed in our varied religions and cultures. We feel that our art and our Internet-facilitated social connection offer a means to see one another in our simple humanity, as brothers and sisters, and not as “other.” This is a space where we hope you’ll delight in learning how much you have in common with “other” peoples. We hope that your visits here will help you to love (respect) not fear. For more see our Info/Mission Statement Page.

One thought on “A Mirror of Chantilly Lace | Renee Espiru

  1. I liked the mental image of the lawmakers as black widow spiders – sometimes in those black robes it’s not hard at all to imagine them as such, made even worse by their charisma, yes! Thanks for sharing this one with us this month, Renee. 🙂


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