A solemn gathering – the earnest poets,
philosophers and theologians versed
in weft of word and erudite discourse,
the rudiments of life and death obsessed;
pet theories threshed, pet propositions flashed,
fresh theses so politely sent to bed,
old certainties dispatched with such panache.
And yet, was aught of import really said?

The more that we are shown, the less we see.
Nothing that we have learned is absolute
and reason is but leave to disagree –
gut man has known for long this utmost truth –
just like the ass, the ape, the stupid fly,
survive to sally forth and multiply.
© Mike Gallagher

One thought on “This Utmost Truth | Mike Gallagher

  1. I really enjoyed the lyrical feel of this when read out loud. It has a musical rhythm and delightful word-play, and I love the tongue-in-cheek humor in it, because what you’ve written IS true. Thanks for sharing it with us this month. 🙂


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