Angel | Doryn Herbst

CW: Institutional abuse

Would you know if you had met an angel?

You think you know what an angel looks like,
how an angel behaves, what
an angel does.

You think you know what beauty
is when you ask me why
my front teeth are missing,
my face is dirty, my eyes are crossed.
Because I do not have the words
to say what the others can say,
you act as if I do not think, do not feel.
You see that I cannot do what the others
can do and so you do not grant me
the right to have what the others can have.

You think you can be the judge because
you do not know just how little
you do know.

But let me tell you something,
I can stand on the furthest star.

And you know what,
it’s pure magic.

©2021 Doryn Herbst
All rights reserved


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