Finding Our Awakening | Linda Imbler

I pray our solitude
will teach us to listen.
But, the world is so loud,
even now pressed against its own inaction.

We wait to find a hushed rendezvous
in flaming Spring,
hoping there will be no true fail.
we are learning how easy it would be 
to end the world.

We are tiring of the long present.
Yet, just when all looks lost,
freedom will open
and be revealed here and there. 
We will become glad our bodies could find light
beyond this disease.

And, once we regain all our liberties,
we can drift above the clouds
in this moment of freedom
made by love from heroes.
To sing more, 
and talk less,
bringing us all closer to God.

And if we have enjoyed those days of seclusion
in the right way,
we will share memories
20 years from now and beyond,
and do so shamelessly.

©2021 Linda Imbler
All rights reserved


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