Spirit Balance | Layeba Humanity

Height Of Spirit

Ok, the dire faces of time have scared a lot you.
The taunts of people many times have caught you.
Ok, those who walk with you have brought you down.
Some defeated faith, some ruined hope's town.
Ok, you must might be bound with the regret's chain.
You must have asked your rights again and again.
Ok, patience is broken, that you have built,
you must have crossed a limit beyond the brain.
But remember, remember,
There is no end of life, these are lessons of the time.
These are bitter past, not your tomorrow's prime.
You kill yourself, you blame yourself,
not the solution of any muddle.
Touching your wounds without your wish,
no one has the guts to do this crime.
Now get rid of thought's density.
Now call back your losing identity.
Stop being audience, start your show with your track.
Don't run after time, let the time follow you back.
Don't wait for the shine to light the lamp,
with inner fire light the lamp yourself.
If you fall, don't ask for hands,
with your self-power lift up yourself.
Make a syrup of  passion, make every sip your hope.
Erase anxious moments, grab the steady rope.
Pictures of abusive past, please burry and burn.
Steal the rainbow's colours, take an upbeat turn.
Won't open until your eyes,
the rising sun can't be seen.
The roads will be blurred for you,
unless you won't make it clean.
You have to loud your voice, to knock the deaf ears.
Accept the challenges, prefer your dream,
one day this world will salute you and cheers.

Balance — Get Up/Bow Down

Learn to get up,
when worry gives a stumbling block.
Learn to bow down,
when you see successful stock.
Learn to get up,
if defeat's mountain shakes your flight.
Learn to bow down,
if arrogance blinds your eyes.
Learn to get up,
if you get caught in the devilish dreams.
Learn to bow down,
if you get bound by egoistic creams.
Learn to get up with your voice,
if someone's pure side is accused. 
Learn to bow down,
if humanity enters into an amicable fused.
Of course learn to get up,
if someone challenges your self-respect.
But learn to bow down,
when it comes to someone's respect.
Learn to get up,
if you ever fall in someone's eyes.
Learn to bow down,
if you do confession, if you realize.
Learn to get up,
if you want to see the height of the sky.
But learn to bow down towards soil,
where you will be buried after you die.
Learn to get up with confident,
if someone makes fun of your personality.
Learn to bow down,
Sometimes to examine the origin of entity.
Learn to get up,
to destroy the narrow ideology.
Learn to bow to the heart,
don't always follow the brainology.
Learn to get above this thought
that I can never win.
But learn to bow down to this thought

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