Breath of Fresh Air

—Robert Schoelkopf

            I can't breathe!

But my lungs are filled with air
Those first words are of a man
Whose life was taken without care.

They say this is the land of the free, you can be what you wanna be *asterisk
Unless it affects America’s bottom line or politically. They don’t wanna see people lead and be chiefs, they just want people to be non believers and see chaos in the streets. Famous words to DIVIDE and CONQUER but we the people all have a voice, they’ll try and segregate your words like I have a Dream but your Dream can not be the same as mine. You want people to stand for the flag while the flag does not stand for the people, but all lives matter! That sounds like a response of a person who does not understand two simple words EQUALITY and CHANGE, this is America where free thought cost the same as a campaign. It’s some what crazy that we were created EQUAL but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Again I say I can’t breath and your response? Welcome to America the land of opportunity *asterisk but only white privilege allowed. We allow the KKK to preach free thought, but get bent out of shape when Kapernick took a knee. Guess that goes to show the blind eye really can’t see. So again I say I CAN’T BREATHE! Those words were my last free thought.

It wasn’t free!

©2020 Robert Schoelkopf
All rights reserved


The focus of "The BeZine," a publication of The Bardo Group Beguines, is on sacred space (common ground) as it is expressed through the arts. Our work covers a range of topics: spirituality, life, death, personal experience, culture, current events, history, art, and photography and film. We share work here that is representative of universal human values however differently they might be expressed in our varied religions and cultures. We feel that our art and our Internet-facilitated social connection offer a means to see one another in our simple humanity, as brothers and sisters, and not as “other.” This is a space where we hope you’ll delight in learning how much you have in common with “other” peoples. We hope that your visits here will help you to love (respect) not fear. For more see our Info/Mission Statement Page.

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